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U乐国际’s fifth-grade students were recognized for their achievements and began their transition to Middle School when the Lower School held its annual Moving Up Day outdoors on June 10.

Dr. Thu-Nga莫里斯, 肖特山校区的助理校长, 表扬同学们的集体努力和努力, 以及作为荣誉准则的典范. She also praised the faculty and staff for going above and beyond during the pandemic, saying, “Many faculty and staff have stepped into roles they could never have imagined . . . 一切都是为了学生好.” Now, as the fifth-grade students anticipate their move to Basking Ridge in the fall, they can look forward to continuing to experience “what it means to be part of the U乐国际 family.”

在这个特别的日子里, 教师赞扬学生参与视觉艺术, drama, music (strings, Band, handbells), the Math Team, 总统体能挑战, 学生会, and World Peace Games (students worked in groups to solve 23 complicated problems that required patience and compromise as they tried to achieve world peace).

In particular, Visual Arts Teacher Russell Christian proclaimed “You’re all artists” and told the students that “art will always be with you, in some way.” Drama Teacher Keara Gordon has been impressed by the students’ capabilities in musicals, radio plays, puppet shows, improvisation, and more, 她很激动地提议 live 剧院今年.

小学数学专家Verna Lange P ' 23, ’24, ’26, ’28 spoke about students’ participation in the Mathematics Olympiads for Elementary and Middle Schools (MOEMS)—five monthly tests with five problems each, taken each year by hundreds of thousands of students around the world; several fifth-grade students placed among the top 50 percent, 90 - 97, 或者全国前2%. 获得“团队最高成就奖”, the qualifying score was 179—U乐国际’s Lower School Math Team scored 211, 哪个比临界值高18%. And, U乐国际 won the Math League National State Championship with a score of 236 (the second-place team scored 197), which is also 18 percent higher than the 200 points needed for national recognition. Mrs. Lange also announced that Hayden Chiang qualified for the Math League National Championship, 将于6月下旬在德克萨斯州举行.

较低的学校P.E. 协调员兼健康教师莱斯利·米勒P ' 29, ’31 presented on 总统体能挑战 (five tests that measure cardiovascular endurance, 肌肉力量, 肌肉耐力, flexibility, and agility), and its award for students who score in the top 15 percent in the nation in all five categories. Five fifth-grade students achieved this standard: Gavin Grunstra, Hayden Chiang, 凯瑟丽娜:Kazanov, 杰克Schwarting, 和莉莉·斯. She also announced that the Blue Team won Field Day (a day of games and activities with students split into Blue and White Teams).

解决学生, Head of School Matt Levinson quoted a Lower School student who said that the past three years felt like a “superhero” period, U乐国际打败了全球流行病. Mr. 莱文森补充道, “教职员工都穿着斗篷,,因为他们的才华和奉献帮助学校保持开放. Keeping the Honor Code in mind in Basking Ridge, students should “put the common good first . . . 想想什么对社区是最好的.”

Twenty-seven students were recognized for attending U乐国际 since Kindergarten, and the ceremony included three annual honors that are named for former Lower School teachers and families:

Auchincloss奖 (showing the most concern for others)—Aavyan Anand, Maeve Guest, and Allen Tan

Evelyn M. 切斯特成绩奖 (amount and quality of sustained effort dedicated to both academic pursuits and personal growth)—Ella Chan, Anika Gupta, Sanvi Jain, 和利未的珍珠

Joann M. 杰克逊公民奖 (exemplifying the Honor Code through actions)—Gavin Grunstra, Leo Lvoff, and Lily Macmillan

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