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Twenty-six U乐国际 seniors bring their athletic talents to college teams...

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艾伦辅导过写作,写作 U乐国际记录,并就地创建了STEM.

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凯瑟琳共同, 在波士顿大学完成了一项研究实习, 并被评为Regeneron科学人才搜索学者.

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在本月的AAPI庆祝活动中担任领导, 中学生展示了他们对多元化的承诺, 股本, 包容, 和归属感.

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劳丽·皮耶特利用她在学校领导方面的广泛专长, 教学, 和顾问的角色, most recently as Director of Studies at Rodeph Sholom School in New York City, 指导和支持U乐国际中学项目.

Cultivating and channeling the development of students at this stage of immense growth is a priority at U乐国际. Ms. Piette’s deep knowledge of curriculum development and hands-on classroom experiences lend themselves well to overseeing such a rich program of study. 从核心学术到艺术, 体育促进社区和公民参与, 三年之后, 中学 students are well equipped for their transition to the 上学校.




中学 students naturally begin to yearn for greater independence, pushing boundaries while still relying on them to feel safe and cared for. 我们的任务, 作为教育者, 是提供结构吗, 挑战, 以及他们成长所需的支持, 健康的, responsible young adults who will contribute to their school and the larger community.

为了回答这个指控, 我们和他们突破界限, encouraging students to thoughtfully engage in a host of academic areas, 从健康和人文到数学和音乐. 我们通过体育活动发展身体, 从瑜伽到户外教育再到校际运动. 我们激发了这种精神, offering guidance through 关闭 relationships with faculty advisors as we encourage individual development, 还有一个安全网, 他们应该动摇.

这张安全网以顾问的形式出现, 分配给每个学生, 还有一个顾问团. 顾问充当向导, helping the student negotiate both the academic program and the school’s 社会 experiences. Each child is also p艺术 of an advisory group that meets formally three times a week in a dedicated advisory period, 以及每天的会议期间, 学生可能做家庭作业的时间, meet with other academic subject teachers to discuss ongoing and upcoming work, 或者参与小组项目. U乐国际的生活不可分割, Conference Period is a way in which advisors guide the maturation of strong study habits and time management skills.

合作的教学方法, one in which we guide each student’s journey to meaningful self-discovery while providing fun, 个人的创造性机会, 社会, and academic growth—this principle is central to U乐国际’s 中学 program.


Our 中学 curriculum serves a dual role: conveying important information while guiding students' critical thinking skills from simple memorization to more thoughtful, 独立分析. Our faculty 挑战s students to support their opinions with facts and to question the world around them, 为他们在高中取得成功做好准备.

Our curriculum supports the liberal 艺术s background that U乐国际 believes to be an integral p艺术 of each student's educational foundation. 学生们学习英语课程, 历史, 科学, 数学, 以及包括西班牙语在内的世界语言, 法国, 德国, 拉丁, 和普通话. 要记住,学生的发展处于不同的阶段, 我们的数学和世界语言课程是根据学生的能力分组的. And because our students are on a campus that spans Grade 6 to Form VI (Grade 12), 根据他们的准备程度,他们可以受到挑战. 我们的中学课程具有适当的挑战性, 对于那些表现出更大天赋的学生, 我们可以鼓励他们去B公园之外的地方上课. 史密斯50岁中学毕业.

六年级及中一(七年级), 所有学生都学戏剧, 艺术, 和表现音乐, 和音乐, 他们可以从乐队中挑选, 字符串合奏, 和合唱. Form II students (Grade 8) can select an elective for two of the three trimesters. The entire 中学 p艺术icipates in a four-day activity block that exposes students to a variety of ways to be physically active and p艺术 of a team experience. 我们保持“不削减”的政策 中学体育, so students have the chance to p艺术icipate in a team sports experience regardless of their ability level.

在这三年期结束时, 学生们继续前往邻近的高中, armed with the confidence and critical thinking skills needed to realize success in a familiar, 然而具有挑战性的环境.


  • 计算机科学8:动手操作, trimester course that exposes students to both the technical and creative aspects of computer 科学.
  • Digital Filmmaking: An introductory course in fundamental filming techniques and the basics of editing on “iMovie” and “Adobe Premier” software that sets students up for communicating in the 21st century through serious 艺术 or shared experiences.
  • Percussion Ensemble: 学生 will play anything they can strike, scrape, or slap. 学生 get the chance to immerse themselves in and perform many different genres of music, 包括爵士, 岩石, 拉丁, 和古典.
中间 school girl smiling at camera while sitting next to other students at a table.